Complementary and Alternative Medicine Doctors: A Comprehensive Directory

Kathryn Lynn Trammel

May 5, 2022



According to Kathryn Lynn Trammel, whatever your medical needs may be, there are many options available, whether you’ve been in pain for a long time or want to try something more natural. There is a variety of knowledge to be found in the alternative medicine alternatives, which range from acupuncture and herbal treatment to homeopathy and massage. The most common forms of complementary and alternative medicine are highlighted in the following list. Find out more about each kind and which one is best for you by reading on.

Both locally and internationally, alternative health care is widely practiced. According to a 1994 poll of doctors, more than 60 percent of respondents had referred patients to alternative treatments in the previous year or month. 47% said they utilized or included alternative treatments in their work. There are several essential aspects of alternative medicine that stay consistent, even if the terminology changes throughout time. Listed below are the most common forms of non-traditional medical care:

Ayurveda uses a variety of herbal medications and massages to treat a wide range of diseases. Kathryn Lynn Trammel disclosed, an emphasis on the use of certain herbs and other plants, as well as a healthy diet and lifestyle, is the focus of Ayurveda. Acupuncture and massage are examples of physiological treatments, whereas yoga and tai chi are complementary therapies that blend the two forms of therapy. There is a vast range of these techniques, but the most fall into one of two broad groups.