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Kathryn Lynn Trammel is a registered nurse with experience in emergency and critical care. In addition to a Bachelor of Science in Nursing, she earned a Master of Science in Microbiology. She is a motivated researcher with strong interpersonal skills dedicated to providing patients with the highest quality care. She focuses on individualized patient care and assistance.

Born in New Jersey, Kathryn Lynn Trammel moved to Seminole, Florida (in Pinellas County) in 1987. She moved there with her parents and brother to be closer to her paternal grandparents. Before transferring to a public high school, she attended a private K–8 institution. In high school, Kathryn Lynn Trammel played basketball and was a drama club member. She enjoyed attending high school and did well there. She was a cheerful teenager who enjoyed touring Saint Petersburg's historic district, attending concerts and being outside.

After graduating high school, Kathryn Lynn Trammel was sure she wanted to work in the medical field. She considered numerous professions, such as becoming a nurse, clinical laboratory scientist, physician's assistant, or anesthesia assistant.

Kathryn Lynn Trammel studied and later taught at the University of South Florida. She earned a 3.93/4.0-grade point average and a summa cum laude in microbiology. She entered USF's graduate program right after and graduated with a Master of Science in Microbiology. She graduated with a 3.84/4.0 GPA. Then, she returned to USF to get her nursing bachelor's degree. She completed her magna cum laude degree while maintaining an overall GPA of 3.84/4.0.

Before and after she graduated from the university, Kathryn Lynn Trammel taught undergraduate laboratory courses in cell biology, microbiology, genetics, and general biology.

Research expert Kathryn Lynn Trammel changed careers to work in the healthcare field because she desired a more immediate, direct impact on people's health, well-being, and that of their families. Kathryn Lynn Trammel is a critical thinker who always looks for well-considered solutions to her professional and personal issues. Because she is motivated and practical, she constantly completes her work and achieves her objectives quickly and effectively.

Humanitarian Kathryn Lynn Trammel makes a lot of effort to find the positive in others and lift them. She is cheerful and realistic. She sincerely cares about the obstacles others have faced and how they have molded who they are. When the COVID-19 outbreak started, Kathryn Lynn Trammel knew she wanted to play a significant role in its management and eradication. ICU travel nurse Kathryn Lynn Trammel is a multi-skilled healthcare practitioner. She assists in managing operations in the COVID/medical, surgical, trauma, neurology, and cardiac intensive care units.

In her free time, Kathryn Lynn Trammel likes to make people smile by telling them stories from her life. Kathryn Lynn Trammel lists The Equalizer, Clue, and What About Bob among her top three favorite movies. Though she appreciates music from many different genres, the 1980s are her preferred decade. Kathryn Lynn Trammel is a travel nurse who likes her job even though it is very demanding.


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